20R Gaming Careers
Have you ever thought of having a career in the gaming industry, maybe you are someone who wants to turn their hobby into something more. Here at 20R Gaming, everyone in the community is our highest priority, no matter whether you are an amateur or professional gamer.
Social Media Manager (Marketing)
We are looking to build the team that will manage all our social media outlets, including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
Content Creation Manager
Looking for someone who assist in management and development of the following teams: - Graphics - Stream - Video Editing - Merchandise Creation
eSports & Competition
Interested in getting into the competitive side of gaming? There is chance for growth within not only our Sports teams themselves, but with the support staff behind the scenes as well.
Minecraft Server Staff
Is Minecraft your passion, would you like to take a larger role within the community? We are on the look out for more staff on the 20R Minecraft server. For more information, read more below or contact GodPole via discord

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