I’m KrypTheBear, your 24 year old European tech freak. Born in Siberia, living in Germany, I can go from lovable, hilarious dude to serious, challenging competitor. Armed with a very blunt and direct sense of humor, a zero bullshit attitude and a great sailormouth, every interaction with me becomes a fun and unique experience.

My Stream:

In order to not become one of many dead streams on Twitch, one has to be unique in their own way. My streams unique appeal is that I’m quick to learn a game’s mechanics, and in the case of multiplayer games religiously study the mechanics. Thus I’m usually extremely knowledgeable about the games I play, and love to share gameplay advice, if asked. I also love to interact with my chat, be it by making sure my viewers are having a good time and keeping in touch with them in and out of streams, or by playing viewer interactive games, or by just casually chitchatting with everyone. Equally my community and active viewer group is polite, warm and welcoming, giving new and returning viewers a unique experience.

The Games I play:

I’m a huge fan of the fps genre, I can talk about most of them and perform commendably with some practice in any fps game, but my main fps games would be PlanetSide 2 and CoD. Ironically I also love to play single player RPGs and roguelike/lites, anything from Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, or even Binding of Isaac and Risk of Rain 2 goes. Additionally, I love to integrate my viewers into my games, be it through modding, e.g. San Andreas Chaos Mod, or simple couch games, such as Jackbox or Use Your Words.

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