Server Rules

What are the Rules for 20R?

These are the basic rules/guidelines that we at 20R Gaming work by, they apply to both our Discord and Game Servers.

1. Respect fellow members
No verbal or any other form of abuse is tolerated.

2. No drama
Starting arguments or any other toxic behaviour in or out of game

3. No discussion of controversial topics. Such as, but not limited to: religion or politics
As these topics can get incredibly heated, we would prefer if you could try to keep your opinions to yourself.

4. No racism, sexism, or any other kind of discrimination
We are all for inclusivity here, racism/discrimination will result in an instant ban

5. No NSFW content
Many use the server while at work, keep it clean

6. Use the appropriate channels
Such as advertising in #self-promotion (within discord)


7. No Spamming
No Spamming of any kind.

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