7 Days to Die

PvE Rules & Information
  • No Base Raiding of any kind
  • No placing bedrolls or LCBs in POIs
  • Destruction, looting, or claiming of vehicles is not allowed.
  • No duping / no drop mining / no heat generating farms
  • Maximum of 30 turrets per base
  • No use of excessive wiring and components as they can affect server performance. Please be mindful.
  • Any base designs that affect server performance will be modified by admins, until issue is resolved.
  • No circumventing any of the above rules – e.g. luring zombies to someone’s base to destroy it because you can’t damage the block yourself.
  • No use of special characters for in-game names

Admins may kick/ban for any reason at their discretion. For any questions regarding the rules and information, please contact a server admin.

This can be done via submitting a ticket on discord.

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