General Rules & Information
  1. In order to be effective and win, you must play the objective. Whether this be fighting on the point, or taking out spawns and vehicles, what you are doing must be in the better interest of the team
  2. No cheating, ghosting, or exploiting. Ghosting includes sharing true or false info in all chat.
    -Discretion will be used, sharing info that cannot be true will not result in any action.
  3. No derogatory language
  4. No advertising or recruiting.
  5. Intentional or Retaliatory Teamkilling will result in your removal. All unintentional Teamkills must be met with an apology in all chat (Default key is J).
  6. Use of soundboards is permitted unless asked to stop by anyone. Failure to comply will result in your removal.
  7. Main Camping is ALLOWED and no admin action will be taken.
Squad Leader Rules & Information
  1. SLs MUST make an active attempt to play an objective, complaints by multiple other squads may result in your removal.
  2. Please be familiar with game mechanics if you are going to lead a squad.
  3. SLs MUST have a microphone, be actively using it and speak english.
  4. SLs MUST use a squad Leader Kit
  5. SLs are free to kick anyone from their squad for any reason outside of the confines of what is considered trolling.
  6. Do NOT create a squad if you do not plan on leading it. Squad baiting severely reduces the fluidity of the staging phase and may result in a perm ban.
Vehicle Rules & Information
  • 15. Squads named after a specific vehicle and/or asset have claiming priority over such an asset and will have priority based on squad number.
  • 15.a Vehicle claim priority is established at game start, making an MBT squad later on and conveniently becoming Squad 1 does NOT grant claim priority
  • 16. Asset Wasting vics will always lead to a ban. You must make a reasonable attempt NOT to leave a vehicle abandoned, or waste an excess number of helis.
  • 17. One manning vehicles that require crewmen is not allowed. Loss of any such vehicle may be seen as asset wasting and subject to a longer ban.17.a You may not leave main without at least two crewman in said asset
Seeding Rules & Information
  1. Fight over the midpoint.
  2. No building extra FOBs or any fortifications on the midpoint.
  3. Do not push, attack or camp enemy HABs.
  4. Do not use armed vehicles or emplacements until live.
  5. Server is Live when announced via Admin Broadcast.

Admins may kick/ban for any reason at their discretion. For any questions regarding the rules and information, please contact a server admin.

This can be done via submitting a ticket on discord.

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